Identify and refine your goals, eliminate barriers that stand in your way, and take action to make those outcomes your reality.

What clients have said:

“Coaching with Jamie is a journey to clarity and growth. Because he is an incredible listener, he helped me see insights I couldn’t have arrived at in any other way. His generous spirit provides the safety and fertile ground needed for deep exploration.” 
Erin Lawrence Cook
Nonprofit leader, Coach

“Jamie is a gifted coach and servant-leader with an uncanny ability to help clarify and discover how to solve strategy challenges in my life and leadership. He is a first-rate listener and in every session there is a sense that I have not only been heard, but also wisely prodded to take effective steps toward my desired outcomes.”
Dr. Andy Snodgrass, Pastor/Church Planter, Coach, Real Estate Broker

“Awareness is the first step to any type of change.” Colleen Stanley, Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success“

“The future of work belongs to those who possess emotional and social skills . . .” 07/22/19

If you are facing unsettling shifts in today’s world, feeling anxious with no one safe to talk to,

If you need to assess and explore options to realize visions, goals or desires and are not sure how, or

If you simply want to find more meaning in your work, have better work-life balance, or seek discernment,

…you might consider meeting with a coach.

A Coach’s Job…

is to help you identify and refine your goals, eliminate barriers that stand in your way, and help you take action to make those outcomes your reality. We accomplish this through reflective conversations that fuel resilience and success as you define it.

SeattleCoach describes coaching as, “A collaborative–even elegant—conversation, of any length, that fosters a growth mindset by inviting the full, dimensional intelligence and presence of the people involved. It is brain friendly, highly customized, highly personalized, just-in-time adult learning.”

I specialize in offering reflective space for busy sales reps and middle managers.

A typical coaching session lasts about an hour, is confidential, and takes place usually every two to three weeks for 6 to 12 times depending on the agenda.

My Experience

I have been a peer mentor to sales reps since 2017 and completed my professional coach training in February 2020. I received my coach training from SeattleCoach Professional Training and Development Program, which is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am a member of the ICF, and in my coaching work, I ascribe to ICF’s code of ethics. I work under my private coaching practice called Sixth Day Coaching.

In my training, I was also blessed with a wonderful cohort of aspiring coaches in training, Cohort #33. Since graduation, we continue to meet monthly for ongoing learning and support. We recently formed a collective with a website to offer “Pro bono Coaching For A Cause” in light of the COVID 19 pandemic, at

How To Start

The first information session is free and takes about 20 minutes.

I am available to meet for coaching either in person in Seattle, Washington, over the phone or online (Skype or Zoom). My standard rate per session is available upon request. However, I do not want money to be an issue to keep someone from coaching. Pro bono options are available through Cohort Coaches and I offer a limited number of reduced rate sessions depending on need and availability.

If you have questions about coaching, please feel free to contact me. I would love to have a conversation with you.

Sixth Day Coaching
Offering Reflective Space for Busy Sales Reps & Middle Managers to Fuel Resilience & Success

Delighted to Partner in Offering
Pro-Bono Coaching for A Cause!

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