Accompanying others towards a better life.

I am living into my life calling as a work-life coach, pastor and writer.


Short-term support to help you reach your work and life goals.


Long-term support for spiritual discernment.


Additional information for both work-life balance and spiritual growth.

As a coach, Jamie has a unique ability to not simply listen intently but also to isolate key aspects for deeper reflection that guide our productive discussions.  He asks just the right questions that help me gain clarity of thought to consider the next steps needed for growth and greater outcomes. I like that he is not trying to give me his plan, but guides me to discover my own path.

Brendon Cochran, Pastor & Sales Rep in biomedical engineering services

I have been doing spiritual direction with Jamie for over 2 years. He has truly helped me to notice where God has been working through different circumstances and transitions in my life over the last couple years. God has been working through Jamie in our spiritual direction sessions as he asks just the right questions at the perfect time. I am very grateful.

Patrick McWhorter, Chief Financial Officer, KidZ At Heart International


Jamie Greene is a work-life coach, pastor and writer based in Seattle, Washington.

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